Spray volume rate and optimum dosage
for three-dimensional (3D) crops

Minimising costs and risks associated with pesticide treatments

DOSA3D sets the optimal dosage based on the spray volume required to meet specific application conditions and taking into account the following factors: the crop, the pests or diseases to be controlled; the product to be applied; and the spraying equipment.

The DOSA3D system can be used with all kinds of air-assisted sprayers operating in continuous-row fruit orchards, vineyards; almond, olive and citrus orchards; or in orchards with isolated trees (in goblet format).

The DOSA3D system assumes the prior use of spraying equipment that is in good working order and which has been correctly calibrated. Before spraying, check the weather forecast.

DOSA3D can be used as a simple dose calculation tool or as a system for managing treatments based on permanent access to previously made calculations.

DOSA3D is based on the principles laid out in the Directive on the Sustainable Use of Pesticide Products (DUS: Directive 2009/128/EC).

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